Aug 31, 2015

What are carrier oils and why should I use them?

Dear Oily,

I think my brain simply can’t handle anymore information. I’ve been learning all I can about essential oils, and now I’m realizing that I have to learn about carrier oils too!? When does it end?

Actually, forget about my brain. My wallet can’t handle many more purchases!

So what are these carrier oils? Why should I bother buying them?


Carried Away

Dear Carried,

Give your wallet and your brain some breathing room! We’re going to break it down nice and simple for you, and what we’re going to tell you will actually help you SAVE money! Win win :)

What are carrier oils?

What are carrier oils | Hot Pink Crunch
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Carrier oils are products that literally carry essential oils around (hence the name). They are plant based oils which are produced from the fatty portion of a plant like the seed, nut, or kernel. They can be liquid or solid, and they come in all sorts of textures, consistencies, and scents. Some of the most
common carrier oils include coconut oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, and grapeseed oil.

There are several non-oil products that also fit the definition of a “carrier” for essential oils. Some of these are alcohol, witch hazel, honey, aloe vera (gel and juice), beeswax, salt, and sugar. However, most animal products (like butter or margarine) are NOT considered carrier oils. Petroleum derived products are definitely NOT carrier oils.

People use carrier oils all by themselves for their bountiful health and beauty properties. Carrier oils are also the bases for many DIYs like salves, rubs, butters, lotions, and sprays.

So as not to be too overwhelming, we’re just going to discuss why you need carrier oils in your life if you are using essential oils.

Why use carrier oils with essential oils?

Carrier oils are needed to dilute essential oils. Dilution has so so many benefits (some of which we are going to cover in a moment) and no drawbacks.

But wait.. I know what you’re wondering. “Does diluting essential oils make them less powerful?” The answer is no! That drop of essential oil is still going to reach your body, it’s just going to do so in a safer and more effective way.

I can just hear you shouting, “Tell me more!”

Carrier oils make essential oils go further and last longer

Have you ever tried using undiluted PanAway on your sore muscles after a workout!? You need so many drops to cover just one of those rippling biceps you have! Using a carrier oil to dilute the essential oil helps spread the essential oil over a much greater surface area without decreasing the power of the essential oil. All the carrier oil does is help spread the essential oil around more. This means you can use fewer drops of essential oil to cover even more of your body! Yeah, your wallet should be rejoicing because now you’ll only need one drop of PanAway in a few drops of carrier oil (which is much cheaper!) to massage those big guns of yours.

Your wallet can thank me later by taking me out to dinner.

Carrier oils are a must when using “hot” oils topically

Hot oils are called hot because they feel very warm when used undiluted (neat) on the skin; some even experience a burning sensation. Using a carrier oil to dilute a hot oil makes it possible to apply hot oils topically without any of that discomfort.

Carrier oils produce a time release effect

Think of carrier oils like a little barrier between the essential oil and your skin, and the essential oil slowly trickles through the barrier. Rather than all the PanAway quickly getting to work the second it hits your skin, the carrier oil slowly releases it to your body. This means the effects of the essential oil last longer, requiring fewer applications (more money saving, cha-ching!).

Carrier oils are good when ingesting essential oils

If you’re ingesting essential oils in a capsule, consider adding a carrier oil to fill the rest of the capsule up. This helps the essential oils settle better, preventing as many oily burps. You can also fill a spoon with a carrier oil (or a non-oil carrier like honey), add essential oils, and take them internally without a capsule. A spoonful of carrier helps the essential oils go down, the oils go doooowwwwn, the oils go down!
Why you should always use carrier oils | Hot Pink Crunch

You need carrier oils in your life!

Maybe you’re planning to stick to the basics and use essential oils topically or internally as we discussed. You need carrier oils. Possibly you’re thinking of getting a little fancy by blending essential oils or making some DIYs with essential oils. You need carrier oils. You might even be thinking about using the beneficial properties of carrier oils to enhance the amazingness of essential oils!

You need carrier oils!

Since I have fully and wholeheartedly convinced you that you need carrier oils, you’re probably wondering: How many do I need to buy? How do I know which ones to use in which situations? Which ones should I rush to buy right this instant? Once I have them, how do I use them?

Also, how much is this all going to cost me?

To all that I say… we’ll have to discuss it next time!