Sep 28, 2015

Where can I put oils on my body?

Dear Oily,

I’m just starting out with essential oils, and I’ve really enjoyed diffusing them! I want to start using them topically, but I have some concerns.

Where on my body can I put the oils? Are there places I shouldn’t put oils? I saw a recipe for using essential oils in lubrication, and that seemed really dangerous to me!

Please advise!

Cautiously Oily

Dear Cautiously,

There are only two places on your body where you should definitely not put essential oils, and they aren’t where you’re probably thinking!

Where NOT to put essential oils

Do not put essential oils inside your ears!

Where you should never apply essential oils | Hot Pink CrunchEssential oils do not belong in the ear canal. Do not put them there!

You can place essential oils on the outer edge of the ear (making sure not to get any inside) and behind the ear. I have put essential oils on my earlobes as well.

If you do get essential oil in your ear, do not pour water into your ear to clean it out! Use a carrier oil (like coconut or jojoba) to clean out your ear and super-dilute the essential oil.

Do not put essential oils in your eyes!

Essential oils do not belong in your eye, on your eyeball, or on your eyelids.

You can place essential oils around your eyes. My sister has even used them heavily diluted in her mascara (a few drops of lavender in the mascara tube makes her lashes luscious!). To be safe, I usually don’t apply any closer to my eye than my eyebrow and upper cheekbone.

If you do get essential oil in your eyes, do not wash them out with water! This will only spread the oil more. Use a carrier oil (like coconut or jojoba) to clean out your eyes and super-dilute the essential oil.

Where can I put them then?

Where you shouldn't put essential oils on your body | Hot Pink Crunch
Everywhere else on your body is pretty much game for essential oil application for adults; yes, even your hoo-has, ding-a-lings, mouths, and butts!

But (not that butt) you have to use common sense. Don't listen to the person who tells you to douse a tampon in an entire bottle of Tea Tree oil and stick it up your baby box. If you need to dilute essential oils to apply topically to less sensitive areas of your body like your arms and legs, then you should dilute even more when applying oils to sensitive areas of the body (like the hoo-ha).

When in doubt, over-diluting is better than under-diluting and patch testing is never a waste of time.

You also may want to think twice about using hot oils on your sensitive bits. It could give a whole new meaning to “that burning sensation”!

Most important

You have to know YOUR body! My lady parts might love Lavender on them but that’s ME. Only you know how your body reacts to certain oils and how sensitive/non-sensitive your body may be. Do what makes you comfortable and what is right for your body.

Second most important

The only essential oils that I would EVER use on my body (especially the sensitive parts--did you know that your va-jay-jay is one of the most absorbent parts of your body?) are these. Other brands may be contaminated with chemicals from pesticides or diluted with synthetics to stretch them. You do not want those on your body, especially on sensitive areas that can become easily irritated! Get quality, safe essential oils without breaking the bank here.