Dec 21, 2015

How can I achieve more restful sleep naturally?

Dear Oily,

I need your help! I’ve been so tired lately because I just haven’t been sleeping well. Some nights, I can’t fall asleep. Other nights, I fall asleep and then wake up twenty times. When I do sleep, it’s been restless; I can’t stop tossing and turning.

Are there any oils that can help me get a better night’s sleep?


Sleepless in the USA

Dear Sleepless,

I feel your pain! This is a horrible way to live. I know. I spent the years between my mid-teens and late-twenties with very few nights where I slept really well. Looking back, I’m not sure how I functioned (maybe I didn’t?).

I’m sure you’ve noticed, but without proper rest, our bodies do not work optimally. Have you seen these 10 Surprising Effects of Lack of Sleep? #4 is NOT cool! Or how about the Huffington Post’s 8 Scary Side Effects of Sleep Deprivation? I really like how Healthline breaks down The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on the Body (the diagram is interesting).

Clearly, we can all agree that not sleeping well is a problem.
Top 5 essential oils for natural sleep assistance | Hot Pink Crunch

I’ve found that using essential oils has helped me to achieve more restful sleep naturally. I even tell people that if oils did nothing else for me, I’d still buy them because since I started using them? I’ve had the best sleep of my life!

Top 5 essential oils for natural sleep assistance lavender | Hot Pink Crunch Ask Oily’s Top 5 Oils for Promoting Restful Sleep


Lavender is super relaxing and calming. It totally helps me chill right out at night. This is such a gentle oil, it’s also great for cranky kids!

My favorite way to use Lavender at night is in my essential oil diffuser. If I’m feeling stressed, I may also apply a drop to my temples.

Top 5 essential oils for natural sleep assistance cedarwood | Hot Pink Crunch


Cedarwood’s “powerful scent creates a relaxing, calming, and comforting atmosphere when diffused” according to the Young Living website. I also find that it’s good for focusing, which means I can stop my racing thoughts at night and focus on counting sheep instead. I tend to achieve a deeper, more consistent level of sleep when using Cedarwood at night.

I like to add Cedarwood to my essential oil diffuser at bedtime along with Lavender.

Top 5 essential oils for natural sleep assistance peace and calming | Hot Pink Crunch

Peace & Calming

Peace & Calming is an essential oil blend of Tangerine, Orange, Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, and Blue Tansy. They really did a good job naming this blend because this is exactly how I feel when I use it! And who doesn’t want to feel calm and at peace at night? These are key emotions to attaining a more restful sleep.

Peace & Calming is my third oil I always have in my essential oil diffuser at night. If I’m all wound up after a long day, I may apply a drop over my heart as well.

Top 5 essential oils for natural sleep assistance vetiver | Hot Pink Crunch Vetiver

Vetiver is a MUST for quieting the mind. This oil has seriously reduced the amount of times I wake up in the middle of the night and start thinking stupid things like, “I need to go food shopping tomorrow! Let me make my list at 2am.”

A bit too thick to use in a diffuser (it can clog it up), I fill half a 5mL bottle with Vetiver, fill the rest of it with a carrier oil (like jojoba), stick a roller top on the bottle, and apply to my temples and wrists right before bed. And I mean right before. This oil knocks me out cold!

Top 5 essential oils for natural sleep assistance RC | Hot Pink Crunch


R.C. is a blend containing three types of Eucalyptus, Myrtle, Marjoram, Pine, Lavender, Cypress, Black Spruce, and Peppermint. It’s great for relaxing and feeling very comfortable all night.

Some nights, I will add this to my diffuser. Normally, I dilute it the same way I dilute Vetiver (half a bottle of R.C. with the other half is carrier oil and a roller top to make application easy). I like to apply it to my cheeks, neck, and chest.

Honorable Mentions

These oils (while not in my Top 5) also make appearances in my diffuser at night:
  • Frankincense
  • StressAway
  • Raven
  • Orange
  • German Chamomile
  • Valor

Looking for a DIY to improve your sleep? My friend Overthrow Martha also has a great Bedtime Balm you may want to try.

Warning: Restful sleep as achieved with essential oils may cause drooling. Please make sure to set your alarm nice and loud because Ask Oily is not responsible for any appointments missed while you’re enjoying the best sleep of your life.