Dec 7, 2015

What does the daily life of an oily lady look like?

Dear Oily,

How do you use the oils in your everyday life? I read all these great ideas from my friends on Facebook, and I love reading your blog; but I’m having trouble integrating essential oils and products into my daily life.

What does an actual day in the life of an oily female look like? Can you tell me how you use your oils throughout the day?

Please share!

Oily Everyday

Dear Everyday,

This is a fantastic question! It can often be difficult for new oily people to incorporate essential oils in every part of their lives. It’s quite the process, but it is so worth it!

Disclaimer: Every single person on this planet is unique. This is MY oily routine. I would never suggest that this should be YOUR oily routine. You're different from me (thank goodness! The world can't handle another me) and oils work differently for each person. I have developed this routine over the last year, and I am always changing it up. If you want to chat about starting your own, unique, oily routine, contact me!


everyday oil routine to use essential oils all day long | Hot Pink CrunchThe first oily product I use in the morning is Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste to make my mouth fresh before I can give my husband a kiss! No one wants nasty morning breath kisses.

Before getting dressed, I put on my deodorant containing Purification. Some days (depending on the weather) I sprinkle some Boob Sweat Buster under my breasticles to keep them dry and my skin baby smooth. I also apply a salve (containing a long list of essential oils) to each of my feet to prepare for physical activity for the day. I had surgery on each foot over the last year, and I want to keep them in tip-top shape now that they’re all fixed.

I also have a little routine as a happy and healthy woman who has hormones:
  • Dragon Time (diluted in a roller bottle) on the inside of my ankles, my lower abdomen, and the sides of my neck
  • Progessence Plus over my thyroid
  • EndoFlex over each of my adrenal glands
Then I have my oils to keep me emotionally well-balanced and calm all day. I apply StressAway (in a roll-on bottle) over my heart and Release onto my forearms. Then I am ready to head downstairs!

Before eating my breakfast, I have several supplements that I take. First, I take two capsules of CortiStop. This really helps me keep my emotions in check. I also take two capsules of BLM, which is for keeping my bones, ligaments, and muscles strong. I also take Life 5 Probiotic (this is my favorite probiotic EVER!).
everyday oil routine to use essential oils all day long supplements | Hot Pink Crunch

Finally, I take one drop of Grapefruit in my daily shot of Ningxia Red. Now I’m ready to go for the day!


While I’m at work, I keep my Home Diffuser on my desk. Some of my favorite diffusing combos at work include:
I also keep a little bottle of Thieves Spray on my desk in case I have to clean anything. I’m thinking about bringing some Thieves Foaming Hand Soap into the office bathroom too because the stuff we have there is naaaaasty.

I have a big glass water bottle that I refill at work all day. I always add a drop of Lemon to my water (or sometimes Lime if I feel like changing it up).
essential oils to keep in your purse for every day use | Hot Pink Crunch

Wherever I go, I always have a tube of Chocolate-Peppermint chapstick in my bag! If I’m having a stressful day (like I need to go to physical therapy after work AND food shopping AND make dinner?) I carry my happy roll-on to apply for an extra boost.

If I’m home from work, then I am probably cleaning my whole house with Thieves Cleaner and doing laundry with the new Thieves Laundry Detergent.


Sometimes, I use oils when cooking dinner (I’m still expanding my recipe list for that!) My friend Darlene over at Sitting for Carrots is better at that then I am!

Normally though, my next oily steps come after dinner. I take another two capsules of BLM and I have been enjoying a teaspoon of AlkaLime in a glass of water an hour or more before bed.

I shower at night these days. I use a face wash recipe with oils in it (found here). At the moment, I’m using a natural soap bar, but sometimes I steal some of my sister’s Young Living Shower Gel and it’s pretty nice.

For shampoo, I started using Ayurvedic powders recently. I mix these with Aloe Vera Gel and sometimes some essential oils (like Tea Tree to keep my scalp happy). I also use an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse in my hair after I “shampoo”. It contains: Lavender, Rosemary, Tea Tree, and Cedarwood.
everyday oil routine to use essential oils all day long | Hot Pink Crunch

After my shower, I have my oil application routine (similar to my morning one).
everyday oil routine to use essential oils night sleep | Hot Pink Crunch

To promote better sleep, I have my favorite combination in my Home Diffuser: 3 Lavender, 3 Cedarwood, 1 Peace & Calming. I always have a roll-on with Vetiver that I put on my temples, and a roll-on with Valor that I apply along my jaw.

Finally, I apply my foot salve again as well as an immune supporting foot rub (like this one) on weeknights when I have to be at work and around people who sniffle the next day.

For nights when I’m not quite ready to sleep, there’s a jar of DIY lubrication and some essential oil infused massage oil (o-la-la!) in case of any adult activities! Otherwise, it’s lights out and time for the best sleep I’ve ever had since I was a little kid.