Mar 14, 2016

Top 5 Essential Oils for Gaming Nerds

Dear Oily,

I’m a bit of a gaming nerd. Should I use essential oils? They seem kind of like hippie stuff.


Natural Nerd

Dear Nerd,

I’m going to let you in on a not-so-secret: I am a gaming nerd.

We’re talking 100%, role playing, New York City ComicCon attending, going to have carpal tunnel syndrome by age 35, cosplaying nerd.

You may have also noticed that I love essential oils. Therefore, I think it is safe to say that yes, you absolutely can and should use essential oils.
top 5 essential oils for gaming nerds gamers geeks | Hot Pink Crunch

In fact, I’ve compiled a list of the top five oils that are perfect for gaming nerds like you and me! These oils will keep you feeling emotionally and physically well, which means you can game more :)

top 5 essential oils for gaming nerds gamers geeks Stress Away | Hot Pink Crunch

#1 Stress Away

Stress Away keeps you chill.

We all know how important that is when your low level mage is suddenly ganged up on by a group of nasty fire elementals.

Or you’re attempting the Water Temple in Ocarina of Time.

Or you just busted out your N64 and are going to beat your buddies with proximity mines or slappers only. You do NOT want to walk away at the end of the night as “Most Cowardly” or “Mostly Harmless”.

Apply some Stress Away over your heart and trust me: You got this!

#2 DiGize

What would a night of gaming be without some truly terrible food?

Look, you’re not 16 anymore. If you eat that entire bowl of chips, the pizza, AND the churros then wash it all down with a litre of soda? You are absolutely going to be regretting it tomorrow.

DiGize is great for digestive support. Put some in a capsule and go for that fourth slice of pizza. Don’t forget to wash your hands before you roll those 12-sided dice though.

#3 PanAway

Non-gamers probably don’t understand: gaming requires you to be in peak physical form! Your whole body is tense and your thumbs have to move like lightning if you don’t want to lose all of your lives.

A pre-game muscle rub with PanAway will keep you nice and loose. You’ll be ready to sit with terrible posture hunched over your keyboard all night long!
top 5 essential oils for gaming nerds gamers geeks PanAway | Hot Pink Crunch

#4 Release

No one likes a sore loser.

As your buddy victory dances around the room, shaking his butt because he just epically destroyed your army in RISK, try not to glare or throw an empty soda can his way.

Also, don’t stay up all night brooding over how you should have taken Kamchatka when you had the chance.

Instead, apply some Release. It helps you get the raaaar out. Inhale straight from the bottle a few times if you must. Then let your anger go, get some rest, and plan your retaliation campaign tomorrow.

#5 Peppermint

Ahh I remember the days when staying up until 2am role playing was no big deal.

Now, it’s 10pm and I’m blinking my eyes a million times as I try to stay awake and remember the combo needed to beat this Boss.
game all night long with essential oils peppermint top 5 essential oils for gamers | Hot Pink Crunch

Peppermint essential oil helps keep me alert and awake enough to vanquish my enemies! All without the jitters that come with energy drinks too.

Bonus Level Oil: Purification

You got a new game. Or maybe your favorite MMORPG just released an expansion pack. As a result, you’ve been closed up in your room for two weeks, only leaving to use the bathroom and forage for food.

And things are starting to get a little smelly.

Purification can help clear the air and get rid of that staleness without making you spend a lot of time actually cleaning up your room and your desk.

Up Your Game, Get a Diffuser

Up Your Game Get a Diffuser to Use Essential Oils While Gaming | Hot Pink CrunchAll these essential oils sound great, but ain’t nobody got time for that, am I right? You could be attacked by a goblin horde at any moment. You can’t be digging through a box of essential oils to find your Stress Away!

Having a diffuser set up before you start gaming could literally save your life (or at least your character’s life.. just as important!).

If you’re gaming on a console or table top, a diffuser like this can reach the whole room. If you’re more of a computer gamer (like myself), consider this cool USB diffuser. Don't worry, it comes in other colors but clearly I love pink best.

I also reaalllly want this awesome dinosaur one. Yes, I know it says it’s for kids. I think it’s mislabeled.

Stop judging me.

For those times when you have to (GASP!) leave the house to game, roll-on bottles are the way to go.