Jul 20, 2017

Introducing Two Series: Simple Swaps and Three Hot Ways

Let’s not sugar coat the truth here (especially since delicious sugar is so soooo evil): Trying to live a healthier and more natural life can be extremely hard and overwhelming.

Where do I start? How do I start? Do I just throw everything out all at once? (I did that with my hair products and then freaked out after!) Is everything going to give me cancer? How do I keep up my momentum once I start? How can I afford this? Where do I find good products? Where do I find reliable information? Is butter good for me or bad for me? I can’t throw out my hair gel!


I find that my anxiety and depression make it extra hard for me at times.

Depression makes me not care. I don’t feel like doing anything when depression holds sway. I just don’t care enough to make some simple DIYs, figure out what natural product doesn’t secretly have chemicals in it, plan healthy meals, or figure out what oils I should be using to support my body. My brain feels like sludge and thinking becomes too difficult. Getting off the couch to put my diffuser together feels too difficult!

When anxiety is running the show (which it is more often than not), I get so easily overwhelmed. Do I use this oil or that? I doubt my every thought and feeling. My brain is going a million miles an hour and in fifty different directions, so I think to do something and immediately forget about it. I want to do everything and anything and instead end up doing nothing.

As I discussed the other day, what we all really need is quick and easier ways to make our lives better.

Da-da-da-daaaaaa: Introducing my Simple Swaps and Three Hot Ways series.

In the Simple Swaps series of posts, I’ll be sharing how to start getting rid of the chemical filled products in your house one by one without losing your mind or having a meltdown. This is natural living the easy way: swapping out one bad product for a good one.

When you're first trying to live more natural life, replacing old, familiar products (even though you know they're bad for you) is so overwhelming and uncomfortable and downright intimidating. I remember spending hours fretting over what to replace my body wash with and then desperately searching the internet for the best alternatives. You don't have to do that! Instead, I'll share how to swap out the chemical products and replace them with natural, safe alternatives. The best part? I won't require you to get an advanced degree in DIYing.

Just remember: every time you swap out even one chemical-filled product in your house, you are taking a giant step to living a healthier life.

My Three Hot Ways series is for people who want to start incorporating essential oils into their lives or maybe already have oils but are just staring at the bottles, unsure of what to do with them.

I’m going to share some of my favorite essential oils and three easy ways you can start using each of them in everyday, normal life (as opposed to superhero life; that will have to be another series). There’s not going to be anything too complicated because ain’t nobody got time for complicated. But you do need to make an itsy bitsy bit of time to use essential oils in your life because every essential oil you use? That’s one less chemical you’re using. And I think we all know that processed/artificial chemicals aren’t so great for us.

There will be no fuss in these posts. There will be no frills. There will probably be very few lengthy diatribes about the evils of chemicals and what they are doing to our bodies. (They are evil though! You know it. I know it.) Instead, there’s going to be straight forward, real talk peppered with some sarcasm, wit, and love of nerd culture all with the goal of helping people make simple, reasonable changes. And all those changes will eventually snowball into something big and beautiful... like a giant snowman!

Or an avalanche that crushes us all with natural awesomeness.

So let’s hold hands everyone (or not because I don’t really like touching other people) and take some baby steps together because doing this all at once is way too overwhelming to even think about, but if we do it together, it won’t be so scary.