Jul 27, 2015

Why Young Living Essential Oils?

Dear Oily,

I’m really stumped. My one friend just started using essential oils, and she loves them! But she’s using a different brand than the one my sister has been using for years. On top of that, my mother just purchased a bunch of oils from a third brand. I want to hop on this essential oil bandwagon, but I’m not really sure where to start. All three brands sound good, but I’m not sure which one I want to try yet. Maybe I want an entirely different brand!

I’ve noticed that you use Young Living. Why did you choose them?


Bandwagon Wannabe

Jul 20, 2015

How can I choose an essential oil brand?

Dear Oily,

I went to the store the other day, determined to purchase Lavender essential oil because I love love the smell of Lavender and I’ve heard how great it can be for your skin! Only when I got there? I was confused because there were several different brands to choose from. I came home and did some research online. That made my head spin! There are just so many brands.

Do I have to just go through them, one by one, and try them all to figure out which is best for me? How can I determine if a brand is even worth trying? Please help!


Oily Overload

Jul 13, 2015

Are all essential oils equal?

Dear Oily,

I’m interested in using essential oils, but I’ve noticed that there are so many companies selling essential oils and the prices are all over the place. Why would I spend $20+ on a bottle of Lavender when I can get it at the local store for $7? I don’t want to spend a ton of money if I don’t have to, but I don’t want to be cheap and not get oils that will actually work. Are all oils created equally? Are there different types of essential oils? Please advise!


Quality Bargain Hunter

Jul 6, 2015

What are essential oils?

Dear Oily,

I’ve always been into a more natural lifestyle. I follow a paleo diet, love doing yoga, and I have used herbal supplements to support my body for many years. Lately, I’ve noticed that the local store where I buy my herbs from also sells essential oils. I’ve never really paid much attention to them before, but I keep hearing more and more about them. The last time I was at the store, I sniffed a few bottles and they smelled so good! So I’ve been wondering: what are essential oils and why should I consider using them? Are they more than just a natural perfume?


Essentially Confused