Oil Up

Essential oils aren’t just essential oils. They’re your moxie.

Let’s be honest.

You aren’t powerless.





…or even hopeless!

You’re just a woman in need of some agency.

Whether you’re slogging to the gym at 6am to finally get rid of your muffin top, asking Mr. Right for a second date, or just meeting the girls for drinks after a really really long day at work, one thing is for sure: you’re going to need a little extra something to make IT happen (whatever IT is).

You’re going to need essential oils.

Sure, you manage to make it through a spin class every once in a while.

You had enough energy to go out for Thirsty Thursday last month (or was that last May…)

And you even got a decent night’s worth of sleep sometime recently.. maybe.. possibly.

But there’s just one little problem:

You’re not in the driver’s seat of your life.

Instead, you’re just riding around in the passenger's side and nodding off.

And while downing energy drinks just to make it through Tuesday isn’t a crime?

It’s not really part of your grand scheme.

It’s the act of a woman who is stuck. 

A woman who is running on empty.

Not a woman who is calling all the shots.

Introducing Young Living

The membership that’s like having a fairy godmother, granting the one wish that every woman wants in life: more control.

More control for women who crave success. For women who want to feel good. For women who are tired of ho-hum and want something exciting. For women with spirit and daring!

Also, for women who may need a little bit of encouragement to go out there and get what they want.

Because you’ve just been accepting life the way it is for so long. You’ve been accepting mediocrity. Because you’ve said to yourself too many times: “I guess this is just the way things are.”

But it’s not!

You’re done with maintaining the status quo. You’re done feeling just okay. And you’re done accepting life as it is because there’s no other choice.

There is another choice! Except, maybe you don’t quite feel ready to actually make it yet, huh? Maybe you’re still stuck on blah?

Essential oils are your moxie | Hot Pink Crunch

That’s where Young Live and Hot Pink Crunch come in!

We know that taking charge of your life can be scary, so we’re here to help you. We know that taking care of yourself always gets pushed to the end of the list, so we’re here to help you do you! We know that being “crunchy” sounds weird, so we’re here to do it with you so you don’t feel awkward. We know that learning about natural choices can be hard, so we’re here to hold your hand. We know that this whole thing sounds overwhelming and maybe a little crazy (but in a good way), so we’re here to refuse to then let go of your hand (and maybe cut off your circulation in the process) so you can’t run away.

Because what we do is help women like you slide over into the driver’s seat. We help women like you (and me!):
  • Feel brave enough to go after that promotion, new job, or sexy guy who works at Starbucks
  • Have enough energy to kill it at that 8am spin class and not want to just die afterwards
  • Be awake and aware enough to even think of going to an 8am spin class! 
  • Wake up refreshed like a Disney princess and ready to start the day right
  • Be confident enough to wiggle into those skinny jeans and appreciate that wiggle
  • Find your tribe of women and get the support you deserve
  • And most importantly, stop apologizing for doing something for yourself for once!

Bottom line? Your Facebook wall is about to change. No more complaints about waking up tired on Monday morning. No more apologies for missing Thirsty Thursday with the girls again. Instead, you’re going to be posting all those updates that, at the moment, make you roll your eyes:
It’s Monday! Check out this awesome sunrise I saw on my way to the gym. I LOVE LIFE!
See how cute my butt looks in these new skinny jeans?
Partying with the girls till 2am and still fresh as a daisy this morning #yolo!
Check out my wicked bed head. It’s from getting the best sleep of my life last night. Now I’m ready to punch the whole world in the face and got to my job which I loooooove!

And it won’t be some social media lie.

Life with essential oils versus life without it funny image | Hot Pink Crunch

When you join Young Living with the Hot Pink Crunch, you’ll get everything you need to make that your real life:

  • 11 essential oils. I know, you totally want more than that, right? Don’t worry, you gotta get your feet wet first. Otherwise, you’ll be totally overwhelmed and run away screaming. These are the best oils to get started with! They are the everyday essentials.
  • An essential oil diffuser. This thing is going to become your most prized possession. Trust me, you haven’t slept until you’ve slept while diffusing lavender at night *swoon*!! 
  • Samples of some other cool stuff to share with friends (or use yourself while you tell your friends you never got any samples). 
  • 24% off every future purchase with Young Living! That’s like free money. 
  • One hour pow-wow with me! I’ll call you on the phone (or meet you in person) and try not to be super awkward as I learn about your health goals so we can map out the best way to reach them.
  • Follow up meetings/chats with me as needed. I’m not going to leave you high and dry once you’ve got your oils. That’s right, I’m going to be your new friend for LIFE. Mwahaha! 
  • Educational materials because everyone needs something good to read on the toilet. 
  • Classes and workshops galore! Online, in-person, recorded videos, live streaming video, conference calls, self paced programs: we got it all! 
  • Access to several support groups. We’re all in this battle together, so why not work together? Join our Facebook groups. Be a part of our international family!

But.. but.. but!

Can’t I just buy one or two oils?

Sure! If you don’t mind paying retail price for them. You still get all the education and assistance I offer when you sign up as a retail member. However, you don’t get the 24% discount, the super cool diffuser, the samples, and all the other oils that you don’t realize that you need but totally want to try.

What if I want to return my oils?

If you are dissatisfied with any Young Living product, they’ve got you covered! You may return:
  • Any unopened product within 30 days after shipment for a full refund (less shipping charges)
  • Any opened product within 30 days after shipment for a credit on your Young Living account (less shipping charges)
  • Any opened or unopened product up to 90 days after shipment for a credit on your Young Living account less shipping charges and a 10% handling fee. The credit applied for the opened product will be based on the percentage of the product returned.

Can’t I just buy essential oils from the grocery store? I saw some at Walmart the other day..

If you want to DIE! No, just kidding. Of course you can buy them from Walmart, but it’s not going to really help you out. The quality stinks and they won’t come with an amazing sidekick (me!) to teach you how to use them.

Do I have to buy oils every month?

Nope! In order to keep up your membership, you just have to spend about $50 once a year at some point. The real question is: am I going to want to buy oils every month? The answer to that one is probably!

What if I don’t want to keep purchasing natural products?

Then don’t! I don’t own a gun. If you stop purchasing oils and other natural goodies from Young Living, your wholesale membership will eventually expire and fade out of existence.

Are oils really going to give me more confidence in life?

Short answer: Yes!

Longer answer: Do you know what the limbic system is? It’s a part of the brain that deals with our emotions (you can read the medical sounding explanation here if you’re inclined). It’s strongly influenced by your sense of SMELL. And guess what? Essential oils smell. They smell real good. And their scent can influence your limbic system, which can make you feel more confident because it’s an emotion.

I kind of feel like you’re over-promising here on these oils.

I was so super skeptical at first too. I told my family numerous times, “Don’t worry! I’m not going to drink the kool-aid.” I applied Peppermint the first time without really thinking it was going to do anything but smell good. Here I am, two years later, living a life that couldn’t be more different (in a good way) to where I was before.