Oct 26, 2015

What can I do about boob sweat?

Dear Oily,

I have been going bra-less (like my favorite blogger Overthrow Martha recommended here) but I have been experiencing a major problem: BOOB SWEAT! It’s embarrassing. No one wants to see those damp, half-moon circles staining my favorite t-shirt.

Are there any oily recipes you can recommend to help me cope with this issue? I don’t want to send my breasts back to boob prison if I don’t have to!


Ta-Ta Trouble

Oct 12, 2015

How do I know if an oil is working for me?

Dear Oily,

I bought about a dozen oils a month ago, and I just jumped right into using them because I loved them so much! Instantly, I felt like my overall health and wellness (which has never been a problem) got even better. I felt stronger, less stressed, and overall more balanced. My problem is, I don’t know which oils are causing me to feel this way.

Is there a way to tell? How can I know if an oil is working for me or not?