Sep 5, 2016

Chocolate Ba-Nutter Smoothie

“And you should drink a smoothie every morning for breakfast.”

Suddenly, I felt like Brian Regan when he was facing his doctor: “And no more happiness!”

I was sitting across from my naturopath doctor, listening to my doom. I was already going to have to stop eating pancakes, toast with avocado and crumbled bacon (or toast with nutella and bananas--yum!), and every cereal ever made aside from Cheerios for breakfast because I needed to go gluten free. Now he wanted me to replace all that deliciousness with smoothies?


My first experiences with smoothies a few years ago were not so great. The chunks of blueberry skin made me gag. The ground flax made me gag. The chemical aftertaste and grittiness of protein powder made me gag.

Do you see the pattern here? Smoothies made me gag!
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