Aug 22, 2016

11 Tips for Going Gluten Free

I went gluten free recently. It sucked. I literally mourned the loss of wheat in my life.

Then time moved ever onwards as it has the tendency of doing, and I kind of got it over it (sort of). On days when I’m not over it, on days when I would like to visit the grave of my gluten-filled life, I will gluten myself with something like onion rings (because onion rings mmmm).

Then my stomach bloats out to twice its size, and as run to the bathroom for the fifth time to poop my brains out, I think to myself: “Oh yeah, this why I gave up gluten in the first place!”

Also: “I should invest in toilet paper stock because eating gluten sure makes me use a lot of it.”

Clearly, even with the very compelling reason of not wanting to spend my life sitting on the toilet (it makes my legs go numb), going gluten free is still hard. Anyone that tells you differently is selling something.

Going gluten free is difficult, frustrating, and unfair but there are a few tips that can make the process a little less terrible.
11 Tips for Going Gluten Free | Hot Pink Crunch

Aug 8, 2016

20 Secrets of the Mysterious Menstrual Cup

So, you've taken the menstrual cup plunge.

You spent hours reading blog posts about why they're the best thing ever. You measured your cervix (how that'd go for you? #awkwardlifemoment) and determined what size you need. You picked a company, held your breath, and ordered your first cup. Then your little box of joy, containing the supposed cure for all that ails you during menstruation, arrived!

And you stared at it like, "WTF!?"

I know. My dear friend Overthrow Martha first introduced me to the wonderful vampire wine goblet that you shove up your vagina back in 2014, but it took me over almost two years to move from, "This sounds really gross" to "I'm intrigued" to finally "I'm getting one of these things!"

And once I got it in the mail? I didn't know what to do with it! I mean... it was hard enough figuring out how to put a tampon in the first time. My first menstrual cup was 100x more intimidating!

Many months and menstrual cycles later, I've learned a LOT. And I've learned it all the hard way.

Fortunately, I'm willing willing to share my tips and tricks with you!

20 Secrets of the Mysterious Menstrual Cup | Hot Pink Crunch
(pelvi menstrual cup pictured)