Oct 26, 2015

What can I do about boob sweat?

Dear Oily,

I have been going bra-less (like my favorite blogger Overthrow Martha recommended here) but I have been experiencing a major problem: BOOB SWEAT! It’s embarrassing. No one wants to see those damp, half-moon circles staining my favorite t-shirt.

Are there any oily recipes you can recommend to help me cope with this issue? I don’t want to send my breasts back to boob prison if I don’t have to!


Ta-Ta Trouble

Dear Trouble,

As a buxom lady myself, I feel your pain! Boob sweat is no laughing matter. Actually, sweat in general has long been a bane of my existence. I remember the days of applying commercial deodorant (shocking!) all over my body, including under my boobs, along my back, and the bottoms of my feet.

Heck, even when I wear a bra, I still encounter this problem.

Worry not! We are not all doomed to suffer together and run into bathrooms to use hand dryers to get rid of those half-moon sweat marks on the fronts of our t-shirts. I have a solution.

But first, boob sweat memes.
Boob sweat problem solution buster | Hot Pink Crunch

Boob sweat problem solution buster | Hot Pink Crunch

Boob sweat problem solution buster | Hot Pink Crunch

The Boob Sweat Buster

You could just use baby powder to help wick away some of the moisture, if you don’t mind stuff like talc and fragrance/perfume near your girls. Personally, my boobs are an important asset and I am going to treat them that way! The solution: The Boob Sweat Buster (BSB)

Not only will BSB help keep your lovely ladies drier, it should also help keep that area nice and clean. That’s great because the last thing any lady needs is boob mold! No one is going to want to motorboat those things if you’ve got moss growing down there. You’re not a dryad. That’s not cool.

Boob Sweat Buster Recipe


    Boob sweat buster problem solution deal with boob sweat | Hot Pink Crunch
  • 2 tablespoons Arrowroot Powder (this one is good)
  • 1 tablespoon Bentonite Clay (I usually use this brand)
  • 2 drops Melrose Essential Oil (I would only use this brand!)
  • 2 drops Lavender Essential Oil (I would only use this brand!)
  • Glass shaker container (I reused an old glass spice bottle but you could also try something like this or this)


  1. Mix the powder and the clay together in your glass container. Remember: do not use metal to mix the bentonite clay; glass, plastic, or wood only!
  2. Add the essential oils
  3. Put the lid on and shake shake shake shake
  4. Use as needed whenever boob sweat might be imminent

Why It Works

The Boob Sweat Buster is AskOily tested and approved. I actually sat around my house in a sweatshirt, sweatpants, and no bra several times. The result? No boob sweat! My armpits were a bit stank (I apparently need to try it there too..) but my boobs were good to go! Cool side effect? My underboob skin has been really soft after using this for a few days! And all my shirts smell really good too.

The Arrowroot Powder and the Bentonite Clay are both good for absorbing moisture. They cannot stop your body from sweating, especially in the event of an extreme heat activity (like running a marathon braless?), but they should help keep the ladies dry. Melrose is good for keeping the area nice and clean while the Lavender is soothing for when your ladies are flopping around and you’ve got some skin-on-skin friction going on.

So go forth my amply blessed friends! Release your ladies from their prison cells without any worry about the evil affliction known as boob sweat.