Apr 25, 2016

Three Problems with Homemade Essential Oils

Dear Oily,

Is there any way to grow flowers, herbs, and so on, to make homemade essential oils? I have room for a large garden, and I think this could be fun (as well as economical).


Distill Me
Dear Distill,

Uhhh you could technically probably make your own essential oils… but I’m pretty sure if you do, it will be neither fun nor economical. Unless you’re a super scientist/botanist/chemist. If you are, why are you reading my blog (aside from my hilarious wit)?

Honestly, I’ve never made my own essential oils. I also never intend to even think about attempting it. It’s not because I’m lazy (which I am), but there is a LOT involved in the process and several problems we should address before you consider getting started.
One Does Not Simply Make Their Own Essential Oils Meme | Hot Pink Crunch

Apr 11, 2016

The Fart Neutralizer

Dear Oily,

I live with men. Between my husband and twin teen boys, our house can really stink! This is especially a problem on hot dog and bean night. I feel like I need to wear a gas mask for the next day.

Is there some way I can clear the air on a particularly gaseous occasion?

Toot toot!

Dear Toots,

Sometimes life stinks. Literally. It just plain smells, right?

Like when you epic fart in your husband’s car about four months after you got married and he has to leave the windows open all night just so he doesn’t puke on the ride to work the next morning.

It happens. He swears he forgave me a long time ago!

For times like those and hot dog and bean night or when you’ve been eating bean salad every single day for lunch and the gas just won’t stop, there is a saving grace: The Fart Neutralizer.

Now even if you dealt it you will not need to smelt it.
Neutralize Farts DIY Recipe Essential Oils | Hot Pink Crunch