Jan 4, 2016

How do I make a roll-on bottle?

Dear Oily,

I really love using my essential oils all day long. Unfortunately, it’s pretty inconvenient to be dragging around several bottles of oils and carrier oils so I can properly dilute them!

I think it’d be much easier if I could carry my oils around in roll-on bottles, but I don’t know how to make them! Where do I get the bottles? How much essential oil do I add versus carrier oil? What kind of carrier oils do I need?

Please advise!

Rolling Along

Dear Rolling,

Roll-on oil bottles are the best! You can just toss them in your purse and go. They’re also great to use at home so you don’t have to always be diluting or blending your oils; they’re all ready to go when you need them.
how to make roller bottles with essential oils | Hot Pink Crunch

Young Living actually makes a few that you can just buy:

Fortunately, they are also really easy to make!


how to make roller bottles with essential oils | Hot Pink CrunchEmpty 5mL or 15mL Essential Oil Bottle
Alternatively, you can buy empty bottles here if you have not developed a dragon’s hoard worth of empty bottles yet. You definitely want to use glass!

Roller Top
Young Living makes AromaGlide Roller Fitments. These handy little tops fit on both the 5mL and 15mL Young Living bottles, making it very easy to recycle (upcycle?) your growing collection of empty ones.

Essential Oils
When making your own roll-on blend, you can use one essential oil or several. It’s up to you and dependent on what you are trying to achieve.

Carrier Oil
Carrier oils that are always liquid are best for roll-on bottles. I usually choose between Jojoba, Almond, or Fractionated Coconut.

Washi Tape
This is SUPER important so your bottles always look stylish (also, so you don’t forget what is in the bottle..). This set is really cute!


Now that you have your supplies together, let’s make a roll-on bottle!
  1. Add essential oils to the empty bottle
  2. Fill the rest of the bottle with carrier oil
  3. Put the roller top onto the bottle 
  4. Apply some cute washi tape and label what’s in the bottle


If you’re having trouble putting the roller top on, watch this video:

Oh wait.. you’re probably wondering how much essential oil to add to the bottle, huh?

Dilution & Roll-Ons

The trickiest part to making a roll-on bottle is dilution, but Ask Oily is here to make that easy peasy for you!

Not sure how much carrier oil you should add? Check the label! All essential oil bottles with topical/aromatic as their primary usage have dilution guidelines on the label.

When making a roll-on bottle, I never use my oils undiluted (such a waste of money!). For oils that say no dilution necessary, I go with a 1:1 dilution (1 drop of essential oil to 1 drop of carrier oil).

If you are using several different oils in a blend, always dilute for the one that requires the most dilution (ex: Lavender says it doesn’t need to be diluted but En-R-Gee says it should be 1 drop of essential oil to 4 drops of carrier; follow the En-R-Gee suggestion).

I made a little chart to help translate the labels into reality (I went with the understanding that 5mL bottles hold 100 drops and 15mL hold 300 when you fill them up to the tippy-top).
easy roller bottles with essential oils dilution guide | Hot Pink Crunch

Remember: these are minimum dilutions! You can always dilute more.

Can’t wait to hear what kind of roll-on blends you come up with!